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Upcoming Series - Ears Up!

The Truth on Hearing the Truth
Luke 8:4-21

If you lived in first-century Galilee and had the privilege of listening to Jesus preach, you likely heard him say, on more than one occasion: “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” This phrase is attributed to Jesus in fourteen passages in the New Testament! Obviously, when he said this he meant something far more than his hearers having an auditory experience. Join us for this study in Luke 8, as Pastor Mike walks us verse by verse through this important teaching of Christ to discover what it means to really “hear him!”

Ears Up! (part 1)
Christ on Hearing God
Luke 8:4-10

Ears Up! (part 2)
A Grueling Spiritual Battle
Luke 8:11-12

Ears Up! (part 3)
Deafening Trials
Luke 8:13

Ears Up! (part 4)
The Chronic Noise of Worldliness
Luke 8:14

Ears Up! (part 5)
The Hard Work of Fruitful Hearing
Luke 8:15

Ears Up! (part 6)
Why We Amplify the Truth
Luke 8:16-18

Ears Up! (part 7)
Your Fraternity of Hearers
Luke 8:19-21