Compass Night in the Fall

Compass Night Worksheet

Compass Night 2013

Our Creator has revealed himself to us in the Bible as a triune being—one Essence eternally existing in three Persons. While it is perhaps easier for us to grasp the inherent distinctions between the roles of the Father and Son, we often fail to comprehend and appreciate the unique role and ministry of the Holy Spirit. In this important twelve-part lecture series Pastor Mike will help us broaden our understanding and deepen our gratitude for the daily operations of the Holy Spirit. Join us this fall on Thursday nights for Compass Night as we engage in a systematic study of Pneumatology.

- September 12 - The Personhood & Deity of the Holy Spirit
- September 19 - The Titles & Emblems of the Holy Spirit
- September 26 - The Holy Spirit in Creation, Revelation & Inspiration
- October 3 - The Old Testament Ministry of the Holy Spirit
- October 10 - The Holy Spirit & Christ’s Ministry
- October 17 - Common Grace and the Holy Spirit
- October 24 - Special Guest: Pastor Mike Elliott
- October 31 - OFF for Fall Fest!
- November 7 - Special Guest: Pastor Pete
- November 14 - The Regenerative Work & Baptism of the Holy Spirit
- November 21 - The Indwelling & Sealing of the Holy Spirit
- November 28 - OFF for Thanksgiving
- December 5 - The Holy Spirit & Spiritual Gifts
- December 12 - The Filling of the Holy Spirit - Dinner: Cosmos

Compass Night starts with a family-style dinner at 6:00p. AWANA and Thursday night KIDS Club are available for those attending Compass Night or Thrive. Parents or guardians MUST remain on campus when children are in KIDS Club.

Click here for details and registration for AWANA & KIDS Club.