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Made Right with God

7-part Series with Pastor Mike

The most urgent need of every human being is to be made right with God. In Luke 18:9 – 19:27 Jesus teaches and illustrates how this happens in individual lives. Join us for this seven-part study as we take a careful look at how we can know that our most important need has been truly met in Christ.

Seeing Our Need   (18:9-14)

Biblical Faith   (18:15-17)

The Law of God   (18:18-30)

God’s Payment for Lawbreakers   (18:31-34)

Christ’s Life-Changing Power   (18:35-43)

The Impact of Repentance   (19:1-10)

Living the Christian Life   (19:11-27)

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Pastor Mike Fabarez - November 19, 2017

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