Christ’s School of Prayer: Learning to Pray Well

Luke 11:1-13

We may imagine it an easy thing to pray a simple prayer. But it turns out to be an incredible challenge to pray often and to pray well. Join us for Pastor Mike’s new study of Luke 11:1-13, as we step up to that challenge by entering “Christ’s School of Prayer” to carefully glean from Jesus’ instructions to his disciples on how we all should pray.

Part 1: The Importance of Prayer (Luke 11:1-2a)

Part 2: Remembering Who We are Talking To (Luke 11:2b)

Part 3: When Praying About Our Needs (Luke 11:2c-3)

Part 4: The Prayer of a Righteous Person (Luke 11:4)

Part 5: When to Stop Praying (Luke 11:5-10)

Part 6: Asking with Confidence in a Good God (Luke 11:11-13)

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Pastor Mike Fabarez - Jun 28, 2015

When to Stop Praying (Part 5)

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