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LIFE: The Experience of Every Christian

The Experience of Every Christian Life


Luke 13 | Series Begins April 23-24

There are a variety of life experiences that every genuine Christian will encounter. In Luke 13 Jesus walks us through eight of them—all of which are crucial for us to understand and anticipate. Join us for this important eight-part series as Pastor Mike exposits this enlightening section of Christ’s instructions, which are as relevant today as when they were first delivered.

Part 1 – Knowing Genuine Repentance   (vv.1-5)

Part 2 – Producing Evidence of Spiritual Life   (vv.6-9)

Part 3 – Suffering in a Broken World   (vv.10-13)

Part 4- Encountering Unjust Criticism   (vv.14-17)

Part 5 -Cultivating Biblical Optimism   (vv.18-21)

Part 6 – Accepting Hard Truths   (vv.22-30)

Part 7 – Trusting an Invincible Savior   (vv.31-33)

Part 8 – Feeling Godly Grief   (vv.34-35)

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Pastor Mike Fabarez - May 22, 2016

Cultivating Biblical Optimism

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