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Money Matters


Current Series with Pastor Mike from Luke 16

The Bible has a lot to say about money, not because God wants or needs to get into our wallets, but rather because he understands the magnetic lure and destructive power finances can have in our lives. God would like to eliminate the arguments, frustrations, and disappointments that the balance in our bank account can cause. Join us for this study of Christ’s instruction on money from Luke 16. It promises to help us get a variety of our money matters in perspective.

January 7-8: In Light of God’s Financial Forecast   (vv.1-9)

January 14-15: Today’s Cash & Tomorrow’s Credit   (vv.10-12)

January 21-22: When Your Wallet Calls the Shots   (v.13)

February 11-12: Godliness, Greed, & God’s Word   (vv.14-17)

February 18-19: Marriage as a Monetary Test Case   (v.18)

March 11-12: The Damning Lie of Material Success   (vv.19-25)

March 18-19: Today’s Opportunity for Economic Reform   (vv.26-31)

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Pastor Mike Fabarez - Mar 19, 2017

Today's Opportunity for Economic Reform (Part 7)

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