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The Omnipotent Christ

Luke 8:22-56

Though the full and permanent exercise of Christ’s omnipotence awaits the day when he takes his great power and begins to reign (Rev.11:17), it is indispensable for us to live with the realization that even now Jesus possesses complete and unrivaled authority over every aspect of our embattled lives. The hostile forces within nature, the spirit world, and even within our own bodies are tethered in subjection to the will and sovereign authority of Jesus Christ. Join us as Pastor Mike guides us through this heartening survey of Christ’s omnipotent credentials impressively displayed in Luke 8:22-56.

The Omnipotent Christ (part 1)
Confident in His Power to Sustain – Luke 8:22-25

The Omnipotent Christ (part 2)
Confident in His Power to Protect – Luke 8:26-39

The Omnipotent Christ (part 3)
Confident in His Power to Restore – Luke 8:40-56

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Pastor Mike Fabarez - Sep 14, 2014

Confident in His Power to Protect (Part 2)


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