Enfield – God of God: Great New Christmas Album

If you are like me, one of your favorite things about the Christmas season is the music! Not only do I enjoy playing some of my favorite Christmas songs that I have been listening to for years, I also like to try and find some new Christmas albums that will fill my home/office/car with joyful melodies for years to come!

My favorite new Christmas album this year is easily “God of God” by Enfield. Some of your may already be familiar with this group. They lead worship at the Resolved Conference each summer and have been putting out a great full length album every year for the past four years. The band is stacked with gifted musicians and song-writers. Over the past few years, they have turned their attention to hymns and have produced some great arrangements that we have used in our worship here at Compass. (“Lead On O King Eternal” and “There is A Fountain”)

Enfield has now turned their masterful hymn-arranging abilities to Christmas carols, and the result would turn Scrooge himself into Buddy the Elf. If you are still looking for some new Christmas music or even a last minute Christmas gift, get this wonderful collection of your favorite Christmas tunes.

You can download the album from iTunes here.
Or you can order a copy of the actual CD here.

My favorite arrangements on this record are “Glory to God on High” and “Go Tell It On The Mountain.” But don’t take my word for it, go listen yourself!

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