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KIDS Bible Club is the Bible teaching ministry for kids during the week day. KIDS Bible Club offers a systematic study of God’s word for kids of all ages from infants on up in a fun, age-appropriate and relevant way.  Kids participate in dynamic Bible lessons, meaningful crafts, lesson oriented games and God centered music that build a solid, biblical foundation in every student’s life.  The teaching team is trained in God’s word along with effective teaching methods for kids. They are nationally screened and in place every week for the entire school year.

Child must be pre-registered a minimum of one-week prior to placement in KIDS Bible Club. Early registration recommended to ensure classroom placement. Placement is based on space availability. Sorry, no same-day registration for kids. CBC offers this program at no charge.

To register, parent must be enrolled in WBS, MBS, Thrive, Compass Night, Awana (Leader) to participate in KIDS Bible Club.

For WBS/MBS, contact Lillian Francisco (KBC Coordinator) at lillian@compasschurch.org or 949-540-0699 ext. 247.

For Thrive, Compass Night and Navigating Motherhood, contact Tracy Wineke (KBC Coordinator) at tracy@compasschurch.org or 949-540-0699 ext. 275.

What Are We Learning

Tuesday and Wednesday KIDS Bible Club

Thursday KIDS Bible Club

Friday KIDS Bible Club

Tuesday and Wednesday KIDS Bible Club

"We Can Trust the Bible"

Spring 2017 Schedule

Fall 2016 Schedule

Spring 2017

January 10th-11th: Lesson 9- What is God Like?
January 17th-18th: Lesson 10- The Trinity
January 24th-25th: Lesson 11- The Seven C’s of History
January 31st-Feb.1st: Lesson 12- The Gospel
February 7th-8th: Special Lesson on Love
February 21st-22nd: Lesson 13- Review Lessons 8-12
February 28th-March 1st: Lesson 14- Jesus’ Triumphal Entry

Fall 2016

September 13th-14th: Lesson 1- God’s Word is Our Foundation
September 20th-21st: Lesson 2- Studying the Bible
September 27th-28th: Lesson 3- God’s Word Guides Us
October 11th-12th: Lesson 4- God Preserves His Word
October 18th-19th: Lesson 5- God’s Word is Complete
November 8th-9th: Lesson 6- Don’t Change God’s Word

Friday KIDS Bible Club

"Obedience and Disobedience"

Tuesday and Wednesday KIDS Bible Club

May 1 - 31

If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.

James 1:5

Friday KIDS Bible Club

February 24th- May 11th

1 Chronicles 29:11

Yours, O Lord, is the greatness and the power and the glory and the victory and the majesty, for all that is in the heavens and in the earth is yours. Yours is the kingdom, O Lord, and you are exalted as head above all.

Tuesday and Wednesday KIDS Bible Club:

September 13th-14th

9/13-14 Lesson 1: “God’s Word is Our Foundation”

Today we learned that God’s word is the foundation for our lives and that it is perfect and pure.

Journal Time: Psalm 19:10 says that God’s word is “sweeter also than honey”. At the top of your page, have mom write, “God’s word is better than:” Look in a magazine or draw pictures of things that God’s word is better than.

September 20th-21st

9/20-21 Lesson 2: “Studying the Bible”

Today we learned that God wants us to study his word. God gave us the Bible so we can know about him and do what he says.

Journal Time: Draw a big heart on your page. Talk to your mom and dad and talk about which book of the Bible they will commit to reading to you this month. Write the name of the book in the heart!

September 27th-28th

9/27-28 Lesson 3: “God’s Word Guides Us”

Today we learned that God’s word is always true and we can trust God to guide us because he is unchangeable and unable to lie.

Journal Time: Trace your feet on the page and color it in. Write in your feet “God’s Word Guides Me”.

October 4th-5th

10/04-05 Special Fellowship Lesson : “Why Fellowship?”

Today we learned how it’s important for Christians to fellowship. (Acts 2:42)

Journal Time: Draw a picture of you and your family sharing a meal with another family!

October 11th-12th

10/11-12 Lesson 4: “God Preserves His Word”

Today we learned how God’s word will last forever! God has always been and will always be faithful to preserve His Word. (Isaiah 40:8)

 Journal Time: Have your mom or dad read Isaiah 40:8 to you. Draw a circle in the center of your page. Draw a Bible in the circle. Then find pictures from a magazine of things that will not last forever. Glue them around your page, outside of the circle.

October 18th-19th

10/18-19 Lesson 5: “God’s Word is Complete”

Today we learned that just like a puzzle, God’s word is complete. If someone tried to add to God’s Word it wouldn’t be right. God’s Word is final and complete. Nothing should be added or taken away. (Deuteronomy 4:2)

Journal Time: Take a piece of colored paper and write, “God’s Word is Complete” on it. Cut it into 4 pieces and put it back together on your page. Glue or tape it down.

November 8th-9th

11/8-9 Lesson 6: “Don’t Change God’s Word”

Today we learned that we cannot add to God’s word or take away anything from it. God’s word can’t be changed! It is all true and it will last forever!

Journal Time: Scripture Search! Add a colorful piece paper to the center of your page (approx. 5X8), on it write Deuteronomy 4:2. With your parent, do a little research and find two more places in scripture where God commands that should “not add to the word …nor take from it”. Write them on the colorful paper.

November 15th-16th

11/15-16 Lesson 7: Review

Today we reviewed all that we have learned so far about God and the Bible!

Journal Time: Draw a picture describing your favorite lesson, activity or craft that we have done so far.

November 29th-30th

11/29-30 Lesson 8: “How Do I Know God Exists?”

We know God exists because we see him through his creation. Some examples of what God has made are the trees, rocks, sky, animals, stars, and flowers. And the Bible tells us that he created the entire universe. God is today, God was in the past and God will be forever.

Journal Time: Gather different items from outside and some different craft items at home. Make your own creation and glue it to your page!

December 6th-7th

12/06-07 Special Lesson on Jesus Christ: “The King is Born”

Today we learned about the importance of Jesus being God and man. We learned that the name, Jesus, means “savior.” Everyone is born with a sin problem and it is only through Christ, that we can be saved from the punishment of our sins.

Journal Time: As we come closer to Christmas, think about God’s perfect gift to us in giving his son, Jesus Christ. He humbled himself and lived a perfect life without sin, and then died on the cross so that those who turn away from their sins and place their trust in him could live forever with him in heaven! Write the name “Jesus” in big letters below. Then, cut a piece of wrapping paper and tape one of its sides to your journal paper. May this remind you that God’s perfect gift to us was his son, Jesus Christ!

December 13th-14th

12/13-14 Fellowship: “What is Friendship?”

Today we looked at Philippians 2:3, Matthew 25:35-40, talked about what friendship looks like and how we can be more thoughtful of others.

Journal Time: Think of a friend and write their name down on top of the page. Think of something nice that you could do for this friend. Draw a picture of you and this friend. Then make it happen! Come up with a day that you will do this for your friend.

January 10th-11th

01/10-11 Lesson 9: “What is God Like?”

Today we learned from 1 Chronicles 29:11 that God is great and there is no one like Him! The kingdom is his and he is above everything! God is great! No one is like our God! He can’t be measured!

 Journal Time: We get measured at the doctor’s office: how tall we are and how much we weigh. Draw a picture of you standing next to a big ruler. Then draw arrows pointing up, down, right and left. Write, “God can’t be measured!”

January 17th-18th

01/17-18 Lesson 10: “The Trinity”

Today we learned that the Godhead is triune: one God, three persons- God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. We saw that just how a triangle has three sides and is one triangle, so God has three persons and is one God!

Journal Time: Draw a big triangle on your page. In the center of your triangle write “God”. At the top point write, “Father”, on the bottom right write “Son” and the bottom left write “Holy Spirit”.

January 24th-25th

01/24-25 Lesson 11: “The Seven C’s of History”

Today we learned about the Seven C’s of history! Creation; Corruption; Catastrophe; Confusion; Christ; Cross; Consummation! The Bible is the history book of the universe. It tells us how it all started and how it will end when Jesus comes back!

 Journal Time: Right in the top left corner of your page “Genesis- The Beginning”. Draw a squiggly path all the way down the page and back up again. Finish your path on the upper right side of your page. Write, “Revelation- Christ is King”.

January 31st-February 1st

01/31-02/01 Lesson 12: “What is the Gospel?”

Today we learned about the Gospel. It’s the good news that Jesus Christ defeated sin and death! Because Jesus conquered sin and death, whoever puts their trust in him will be with God in heaven someday!

 Journal Time: Just as an umbrella protects us from the rain, Jesus protects us from God’s punishment for our sin. Draw a big umbrella to remind you that Jesus took the punishment for your sin, by dying on the cross and rising on the third day!

February 7th-8th

02/07-08 Special Lesson on Love

Today we talked about what love means in the bible. True love is sacrificial love. The best example of this is God’s love to us in sending his son, Jesus Christ. He humbled himself and came down from heaven to be born on earth as a baby, lived a perfect life, and then suffered death on a cross so that our sins could be forgiven.

 Journal Time: Draw a BIG heart below, and then draw a cross within that heart. May this remind you of John 3:16, which says, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.”

February 21st-22nd

02/21-22 Lesson 13: Review 8-13

Today we reviewed all that we have learned so far about God and the Bible!

Journal Time: Draw a picture describing your favorite lesson, activity or craft that we have done this year!

February 28st-March 1st

02/28-03/01 Lesson 14: “Jesus’ Triumphal Entry”

Today we learned of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem! Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey’s colt and the people praised Jesus as the Messiah but they were not willing to make Jesus the King of their hearts.

Journal Time: Jesus is King! Draw or paste a picture of a mouth. Find words in a magazine or newspaper that are “praising” words. Glue them around the mouth.

March 7th-8th

03/07-08 Lesson 15: “Jesus Confronts the Pharisees”

Today we learned how the cornerstone is the most important stone in a building. Jesus is the cornerstone of the nation of Israel!

Journal Time: Jesus is the Cornerstone! Cut out a rectangle out of foil and glue it towards the bottom of your page. From there, draw more stones going side and up, creating a building. Write “Jesus” on the foil.

March 14th-15th

03/14-15 Lesson on Friendship

Today we learned how God is so good and he gave us wonderful friends!

Journal Time: Who are my friends? Draw or paste a picture of you and your friends. Write down words that describe your friends.

March 21st-22nd

03/21-22 Lesson 16: “The Trials and Denial of Jesus”

Today we saw how Jesus was arrested and we saw how Peter denied him three times. We learned that we shouldn’t just feel bad about sin, we need to repent!

Journal Time: God’s forgiveness is real! Draw a box in the center of your page. In the box write down a sin you are sorry for. Next, draw a big heart with a red crayon around the box and color it in, covering the sin. Take a moment to thank God for his forgiveness and pray that God would help you to not commit this sin again.

March 28th - 29th

03/28-29 Lesson 17: “Jesus Endures the Cross”

Today we worshipped Jesus Christ for dying on the cross for our sins and for making a way for us to be right with God.

 Journal Time: The Macaroni Mosaic Cross. Color some macaroni with brown marker. Take your macaroni and break it into pieces. Draw a big cross and glue the pieces on it to make a rugged cross. Pray and thank God for Jesus Christ!

April 4th - 5th

04/04-05 Lesson 18-Special Lesson on Easter: “The Resurrection of Jesus Christ”

Today we learned that Jesus is alive! Jesus rose from the dead as he promised and told his disciples to tell the nations about him.

Journal Time: Share the Good News! Tape/glue a piece of Crepe Streamer from left to right on top of your page. Write on it “Jesus is Alive” Under the banner, think of some people you want to share the good news with and write their names down. Decorate the rest of your page with stickers or stamps!

April 25th - 26th

04/25-26 Lesson 19: “Jesus Teaches the Parable of the Laborers”

Today we learned how the landowner was generous to all his workers no matter how much they each worked. Jesus told this parable so that we would remember to rejoice when God demonstrates his sovereign grace.

Journal Time: God has shown you grace! He has given you a family who loves and cares for you. Paste a picture of you and your family in the center page. Next, write down why you are thankful to God for each family member.

May 2nd - 3rd

05/02-03 Lesson 20: “Jesus Teaches the Parable of the Talents”

Today we learned to thank God for the blessings he has given us and how we can serve God with our blessings. God rewards his faithful servants!

Journal Time: A Faithful Servant! Make a service chart. Write in the chart, at least 3 ways you can serve others using the talents God has blessed you with this week. Have mom or dad put a sticker or check mark showing that you were successful in blessing others!

Opportunities to Serve

Join our Team! We are currently experiencing much growth in KIDS Bible Club. Due to this growth, there are new opportunities for others to get involved!

Session: Sept 13-May 10.
Commitment: Weekly, 8:45a-11:45p.
Applications being accepted now.


Tues/Wed: Lillian Francisco/lillian@compasschurch.org 949.540.0699 ext.247

Thurs/Fri: Tracy Wineke/tracy@compasschurch.org 949.540.0699 ext.275

Teacher, assistant and puppeteer opportunities available for:

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  • 2yr old class
  • 3yr old class
  • 4yr old & 5yr old class
  • Kindergarten and Up class

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