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Thank you for partnering with KIDS Ministry in prayer!


1. God will be glorified and honored through the daily teaching of his word.

2. Children will come to know God, his Son Jesus, the Bible and church life better through the daily learning centers.

3. Children will grow in their understanding and application of God’s word.

4. There will be overall safety of everyone on campus.

5. Volunteers will serve with joy and gratitude because of who they serve.

6. Parents will reinforce the daily learning at home.

7. Visiting families will make Compass Bible Church their home church.

8. All aspects of the camp will run smoothly.

9. We will be good neighbors to the surrounding businesses.

10. Pray parking during drop off and pick up goes smoothly.

11. For each individual camp to effectively teach God’s truth: Junior Camp, Early Childhood, Elementary and The EDGE Youth Group.

12. For those involved: pastors, director, leaders, volunteers, campers, families, in all areas: Assembly Times, Missions, Bible Drama, Crafts, Games, Snacks, Small Group Leaders and Assistants, Set Up/ Tear Down, Decorating, Registration, Administration & Preparation and Family Fun Night.

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