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About The Bridge Ministry

Pastor PJ Berner

The Bridge is a ministry for college-aged students (18-24). We make it our aim to glorify God as we gather weekly to study his Word, build relationships in the community through small groups and hang out time, and go out into Orange County to reach more people for Christ.

We exist for four primary purposes…

1. To exalt the Lord
2. To establish your faith
3. To equip you for life
4. To evangelize the lost

Our Sundays in The Bridge:

4:45 PM Hang Time – 5:00 PM Worship/Teaching – 6:15 PM Small Groups

Get Involved

Fresh Summer Retreat 2019

Everyone loves a fresh start, a clean slate, a new beginning. That’s exactly the imagery God uses when he describes what happens at salvation. In 2 Corinthians 5:17 Paul writes that in Christ we are a “new creation.” This summer our retreat is going to be focused on life as a new creation in Christ. This truly is the greatest fresh start you could ever have!

Dates: July 5th-7th in Julian, CA
$50 per person: 5 meals, showers, campsites, and great fellowship. Camping supplies (tents, sleeping bags, etc.) and rides not provided
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Pastor PJ Berner - June 23, 2019

Dead And Alive

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