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About the 3RDNINE Ministry

Pastor PJ Berner

3RDNINE is a ministry for young adults (18-mid 20’s) who are in college or starting out in their careers. We love studying God’s Word together and building Christian community through friendships and small groups.

We exist for four primary purposes…

1. To exalt the Lord
2. To establish your faith
3. To equip you for life
4. To evangelize the lost

Our Sundays In 3RDNINE:

6:15PM Hang Time – 6:45PM Worship – 7:00PM Teaching – 7:30PM Small Groups

Upcoming Events

New Series starting August 26th!

There’s a fallacious belief out there that to become a Christian you have to abandon your mind and turn your back on logic and science. We are here to tell you that this is not true, and this semester will be set aside to demonstrate that this is not the case. Christianity and the study of apologetics provides answers that make this world around us and the events that we encounter daily make so much more sense. It doesn’t shy away from the difficult questions; rather it addresses them head-on. This won’t be a series of “because the Bible says so.” Instead, we will be exploring the realms of philosophy and reason and science and logic finding in the end that the Christian worldview really does provide the answers to some of our culture’s biggest questions.

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Current 3RDNINE Study

Book by Book

Follow along as Pastor Ben takes us Book by Book through the Bible to help get a big picture look at God’s word.

Compass Sports

Love sports? Teams forming and available in softball, basketball and more!


Pastor PJ Berner - September 16, 2018

The Uncaused First Cause

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