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Welcome to 3RD9!


About the 3rd9 Ministry

Pastor PJ Berner

3rd9 is a ministry for young adults (18-mid 20’s) who are in college or starting out in their careers. We love studying God’s Word together and building Christian community through friendships and small groups.

We exist for four primary purposes…

1. To exalt the Lord
2. To establish your faith
3. To equip you for life
4. To evangelize the lost

Our Sundays In 3RD9:

6:00PM Hang Time – 6:45PM Worship – 7:00PM Teaching – 7:30PM Small Groups

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Current 3rd9 Study

Whether it is a game or an athletic competition, the joy of victory is always sweet. But how do we win at life? What is the skill needed to live life well?

The Bible calls that skill “wisdom” and the Book of Proverbs talks all about it. Join us at 3RD9 as we study this book to learn how to live this life like it was designed to be lived.

Book by Book

Follow along as Pastor Ben takes us Book by Book through the Bible to help get a big picture look at God’s word.

Compass Sports

Love sports? Teams forming and available in softball, basketball and more!


Cody Davidson - July 15, 2018

God’s Gratuitous Grace

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