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Prelude to the Cross

6-part Series with Pastor Mike

Luke 22:1-38
Jesus spends the day before his trial and crucifixion investing in his disciples. After celebrating the Passover together, Christ leaves them with a set of supremely important lessons and instructions, which have continued to challenge Christians ever since. Join us for an important six-part series as we examine this prelude to the cross.

June 2nd & 3rd
God’s Good Plans (vv.1-6)

June 9th & 10th
The Picture in the Passover (vv.7-13)

June 16th & 17th
God’s New Covenant (vv.14-23)

June 23rd & 24th
Real Power & Prestige (vv.24-30)

July 7th & 8th
Strength in Frailty (vv.31-34)

July 21st & 22nd
Provision & Planning (vv.35-38)

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