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July 16

Pastor's Note Today we read the great Psalm 19, which highlights the truth that our God is a God who has clearly and loudly communicated. And if David could say that a thousand years before the coming the New Testament,…

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July 15

Pastor's Note David runs to God as his refuge in Psalm 18. Let us be similarly resolved as we seek to live for what is just, right, and good. Paul arrives with the gospel at Ephesus, which causes quite a…

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July 14

Pastor's Note Psalm 14 begins by underscoring an important element in atheism and agnosticism—that beneath the philosophical outlook there is the moral motivation to be freed from the constraints of divine oversight and accountability. As Romans 1 tells us, the…

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July 13

Pastor's Note How often do our prayers seem to hit the ceiling and go no further? Psalm 10 speaks of that experience, but also reminds us that “the Lord is king forever” (v.16) and that his seeming passivity does not…

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July 12

Pastor's Note So often in the Psalms we will encounter the cry of God’s people in response to the many injustices of this present world. When we experience the same, may we remember that frequently “the bad guys” seem to…

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July 11

Pastor's Note Be sure to identify with the various settings of life in which today’s psalms were penned. There are times of worship and awe, as well as times of trouble and despair reflected in the Psalms; this should remind…

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July 10

Pastor's Note What a great experience for us to revisit the great psalter of the Old Testament. May this year’s reading of these songs of the Israelites be an enriching experience for us. Read these familiar words thoughtfully, and allow…

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July 9

Pastor's Note Today we conclude the Book of Job with a picture of God’s power and greatness, as well as his tender concern for the contrite Job. I hope that reading this important book has given us some perspective on…

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July 8

Pastor's Note God now speaks for himself, in Job 38, and answers all of the presumptuous discourse between these men. Interestingly, God’s response is akin to Paul’s answer to the difficult questions raised in the book of Romans—namely, God’s position…

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July 7

Pastor's Note The “bigness” of God in Elihu’s speech is only a prelude to how God is going to impress the whole lot of them when he arrives to establish his uniqueness as the Sovereign of the universe. Let us…

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