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December 12

Pastor's Note Today we conclude our read through the book of Hosea with more on the rebellion of Israel, and ending with God’s promise of forgiveness and restoration. We also continue our read through the seven letters to the seven…

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December 11

Pastor's Note How instructive and helpful are the words we read today in the book of Hosea. May we remember that the joy and happiness we desire are gifts from God—gifts that we are foolish to expect when we are…

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December 10

Pastor's Note The compromised state of Israel in Hosea’s day is highlighted in our Old Testament reading. We see the high cost of disobedience in a series of vivid descriptions. Today in the New Testament we begin our read through…

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December 9

Pastor's Note While we have read some dramatic living illustrations throughout the major prophets, the little book of Hosea seems to stand out. It is incredible (and in many ways dignifying) to consider the way God views our fidelity to…

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December 8

Pastor's Note Today, in the final two chapters of this book we read more of Daniel’s prophecies, which span from the ancient Persians to the end of time. May the timeless closing words of this book be an inspiration to…

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December 7

Pastor's Note The prophecy of the “seventy weeks decreed for [Daniel’s] people and [their] holy city” is one of the most fascinating and exacting prophecies in the Old Testament. For more on this prophecy, search “70-week” on the Focal Point…

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December 6

Pastor's Note The apocalyptic visions of Daniel in today’s Old Testament reading remind us that often God’s predictive prophecies are steeped in images and symbolism that require our work to untangle. As Proverbs 2:1-6 tells us, understanding God’s truth often…

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December 5

Pastor's Note We have seen Nebuchadnezzar become an example of God’s gracious work in the conviction of sin. If the king of this foreign power, who took many of the Israelites captive, saw with clarity the problem of pride and…

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December 4

Pastor's Note There is high drama in our Old Testament reading today. The three Hebrew captives model the godly resolve to not compromise regardless of the price. They had no idea at the time what kind of impact their courage…

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December 3

Pastor's Note Today we begin our read of Daniel and encounter a prophetic book with a large amount of historical material that becomes a lesson in itself. Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah serve as stellar models of resolve, courage, and…

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