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July 6

Pastor's Note The youthful Elihu boldly rebukes Job and affirms the righteousness of God. His words are sharp, but important. In Acts the gospel is again preached with a lot of references to the Old Testament. We are reminded that…

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July 5

Pastor's Note Today we are introduced to Elihu who brings a new perspective to the situation in Job, and is the only one who is not rebuked by God at the end of the book. The Church continues to expand…

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July 4

Pastor's Note Job looks back with a painful longing to the time before his personal tragedies. May we benefit from seeing the big picture of the behind-the-scenes origins of this huge trial, as well as his forthcoming restoration. I trust…

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July 3

Pastor's Note Job reaches an appropriate place of considering the transcendence of God in the inscrutable nature of his wisdom. Especially when things don’t seem to add up, let us all recognize that due to our limited perspective, we can…

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July 2

Pastor's Note Even amid his cries of injustice, Job knows that the only hope he has is the intervention and support of his Creator. In Acts we see God’s church expansion plan in bringing the gospel to Cornelius. I trust…

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July 1

Pastor's Note Coming off the stated principles of Zophar’s recent counsel (i.e., that the wicked are punished in this life), Job counters with his frustration that in this life that is certainly not always the case. This should remind us…

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June 30

Pastor's Note Job’s emotional pain continues in today’s reading. As does the conventional wisdom of his friends. May we be careful not to take principles and assume there are no exceptions, or that the timing of applying those truths is…

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June 29

Pastor's Note Job finds no comfort in his counselors who have wrongly diagnosed his situation and offered several inapplicable words. I trust this gives us pause when we consider how we speak to those who are suffering. Of course there…

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June 28

Pastor's Note Job continues with his painful expressions, which include some bedrock resolves of his heart. May we be prepared for those times when our faith is tested by painful trials. And may our peacetime preparations serve us well for…

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June 27

Pastor's Note In our reading in Job today we can sympathize with Job’s anguish, but we must be careful not to endorse his degenerating thoughts about God and his oversight. In our Acts passage we see the indictment on Saul…

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