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February 18

Pastor's Note We are reminded today of the folly and severity of idolatry. May we know that as God’s people we must always seek to keep first things first, loving God as we ought – with all of our heart,…

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February 17

Pastor's Note The centrality of worship, the seriousness of blasphemy, rules of criminal justice, and the wisdom of both the sabbatical year and the year of jubilee are just a few of the insights we gain from today’s reading. May…

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February 16

Pastor's Note After surveying the high standards for the Old Testament priesthood we are led to review the “feasts” of Israel in Leviticus 23. This is a helpful reminder of the appropriateness of breaks, rests, celebrations, and convocations that bring…

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February 15

Pastor's Note Again in Leviticus the Lord shows himself to be extremely serious about the holiness of his people. As we read about the resurrection and commission of Christ in Matthew 28, may we not forget the gravity of sin…

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February 14

Pastor's Note Beyond the ceremonial regulations, we find many of the moral concerns of God throughout the book of Leviticus – most of which are reiterated in the New Testament after the abolition of the ceremonial rules. May we be…

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February 13

Pastor's Note Don’t forget that all of these practical health concerns in Leviticus were addressed not just out of a concern for wellbeing, but more importantly in this context, to show us something of their parallel to our need of…

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February 12

Pastor's Note The leprosy procedures continue, which, as I wrote yesterday, should remind us of God’s grace in providing a remedy for the sinfulness of our sins. Especially as we identify with Peter’s anxieties and fears when he fails to…

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February 11

Pastor's Note The procedures regarding leprosy may seem like a gross addition to the Bible, but they should remind us of the blight of sin and our need for cleansing. If we could only imagine the repulsive pollution our transgressions…

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February 10

Pastor's Note The account of Nadab and Abihu, like the New Testament account of Ananias and Sapphira, should be an ample reminder that if God were not gracious we would be dead and judged a million times over. Thank God…

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February 9

Pastor's Note The religious leaders in Israel are commanded to be extraordinarily careful about the way they approach the Lord. I pray that today you and I will see the holiness of God in a new way. Of course all…

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