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May 1

Pastor's Note Transitions of power are often messy. Today we read of Solomon’s securing of the throne which, while not half as dramatic as the transition from Saul to David, certainly reminds us that the presumption of people is often…

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April 30

Pastor's Note We can be both motivated and warned from reading of David’s noble actions and sinful deeds. May his specific words of honor to his “mighty men” in chapter 23 prompt us to be more liberal in the honoring…

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April 29

Pastor's Note How helpful it is to read these “songs of deliverance” from David’s heart in chapter 22. Let us learn to pause and thoughtfully express our praise and thanksgiving to God when he, in various ways, faithfully delivers us.…

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April 28

Pastor's Note The bold counsel of Joab to David was essential given the situation. Oh for the wisdom to know when to provide such corrective rebukes! As Proverbs says, “Do not reprove a scoffer, or he will hate you; reprove…

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April 27

Pastor's Note More drama today in David’s life. What a difficult reign David endured. Reading of God’s sovereign protection and providential care for his people in the face of opposition should be a comfort and a cause for praise and…

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April 26

Pastor's Note The classic subversion of Absalom should serve as a warning to us of the corruptive power of jealousy, envy, and self-promotion. So many of the troubles recorded in the Bible (and in our lives today) can be traced…

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April 25

Pastor's Note While God’s forgiveness is thorough and complete, today’s Old Testament chapters should sober us as we read of the residual earthly effects and reverberating consequences of David’s sins. May the family trouble of David be a motivation for…

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April 24

Pastor's Note The moral failure of David and his subsequent repentance should serve as a poignant reminder of God’s grace and mercy. Because the ultimate “Son of David” resisted all temptation in our stead, his perfect life can be credited…

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April 23

Pastor's Note Today we read one of the most important chapters of the Old Testament, in which God makes his covenant with King David. May this reading remind us that while there was a string of earthly kings between David…

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April 22

Pastor's Note We are reminded of God’s justice and his people’s vindication in today’s Old Testament reading. May we be assured that even when things on this earth seem unjust and chaotic, God is keeping track and will one day…

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