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February 8

Pastor's Note In Matthew 25, as we near the completion of the objectives included in Christ’s first coming, Jesus reminds us of the importance of being prepared for his second coming. I pray that you and I are ready today.…

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February 7

Pastor's Note Right out of the gate in Leviticus we see an intense picture of the substitutionary atonement of Christ. May we all remember that Christ died so that we could live. He suffered so that we could be blessed.…

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February 6

Pastor's Note As we finish reading the book of Exodus I trust we have a renewed appreciation of the concern God has for us to understand his inherent “separateness.” God is holy and we must never assume that he is…

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February 5

Pastor's Note Today we finish reading what is arguably the most scathing recorded indictment by Christ. Here Jesus shows his deep disdain for the hypocrisy of saying one thing and doing another. May we avoid reading the remainder of Matthew…

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February 4

Pastor's Note God again shows himself in Exodus to be not only holy, but also amazingly merciful. God could have been done with sinful people on so many occasions, but like a compassionate father, God is gracious and forgiving. Praise…

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February 3

Pastor's Note The brief description of Oholiab and Bezalel in Exodus 31 should call on us to be thankful for the derived skills and talents that God variously endows on his people. No matter what the excellent craft may be,…

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February 2

Pastor's Note May today’s reading in Exodus remind us of the intention of Christ found in Revelation, that we are to be a kingdom and priests to our God (Rev.5:9-10). Because of the costly work of Christ we have access…

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February 1

Pastor's Note More details on the Old Testament worship center today. And with them, more reminders concerning the impossibility of unmitigated fellowship with God in our present fallen state. How grateful we should be for the mediation of Jesus Christ,…

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January 31

Pastor's Note Today we read of the old covenant’s directions for the worship center, which I hope reminds us of the importance of our worship gatherings. May we see the value God places on excellence, and how important it is…

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January 30

Pastor's Note Remember that Israel was “exiting” Egypt without the benefit of Egypt’s courts, laws, and regulations. God is gracious to provide a set of civil codes to allow the Israelites to adjudicate the inevitable problems and disputes that will…

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