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June 26

Pastor's Note In our Old Testament reading we see Job continue to spiral downward in his frustration and despair. Bildad’s assumptions and limited perspective on what has happened to Job in chapter 8 don’t help. As we finish reading Acts…

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June 25

Pastor's Note We begin reading the series of speeches that present much conventional wisdom, which the Book of Job proves doesn’t always hold true. I trust we will all become better and better students of the word, so that our…

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June 24

Pastor's Note Today we jump into the Book of Job and quickly understand that there is much more to life than meets the eye. May we all consider the spiritual battles that wage behind the scenes, and remember our desperate…

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June 23

Pastor's Note God’s justice is poetically on display in our Old Testament reading as we wrap up the Book of Esther. While we are made to wait for God’s justice and our coming vindication let us remember that the Lord…

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June 22

Pastor's Note The “Esther Banquet” of chapter 5 shows us the elegant diplomacy of this courageous young lady, who was used so powerfully by God to accomplish great things. Let us learn from her. In Acts 5 we see again…

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June 21

Pastor's Note The dramatic story of God’s providential work through Mordecai and Esther, is a great reminder of the truth that God is always at work “behind the scenes” to advance his cause in our hostile and sinful world. In…

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June 20

Pastor's Note Today we finish our reading of the Book of Nehemiah. This has been an instructive book teaching us that God can do amazing things through willing people. And that sometimes the Lord accomplishes a lot in a very…

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June 19

Pastor's Note We encounter a great section today in our reading of Nehemiah, as the people repent and confess their sins. Their concern over sin extends to the preceding generation as they cry out to God: “Our fathers acted presumptuously…

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June 18

Pastor's Note The pattern from Ezra continues in Nehemiah—the lists of people are chronicled and the word of God takes a prominent position as the people are taught. The reading of the word by Ezra the priest in Nehemiah 8…

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June 17

Pastor's Note As with the work of Zerubbabel and Ezra, Nehemiah encounters the ridicule and anger of the critics and detractors of God’s work. Their opponents’ anger, jealousy, and hostility make the work difficult, but God, through the encouragement he…

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