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June 16

Pastor's Note As we dive into the Book of Nehemiah today let us remember how God uses ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things for his kingdom. I am always struck in reading this book by the way Nehemiah’s compassion, concern,…

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June 15

Pastor's Note These chapters at the end of the Book of Ezra remind us of some of the serious consequences that are often associated with the subtle compromises of “going with the flow” of culture. Those who compromised had to…

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June 14

Pastor's Note There is a welcomed sense of success and accomplishment as Darius confirms the decree of Cyrus and the worship prescribed in the books of Moses is reestablished. What a great scene in Ezra 7 as the preaching and…

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June 13

Pastor's Note As with every good and godly project there will be critics, opponents, and detractors. Israel had their share as they were driven by God to lay the foundation to Zerubbabel’s temple project. May we have hope, courage, and…

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June 12

Pastor's Note Today we begin our read through the Book of Ezra. A generation has passed since the fall of Jerusalem to Nebuchadnezzar. Babylon has since given way to the dominance of the Persians. God uses King Cyrus and employs…

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June 11

Pastor's Note Today we close out the book of 2 Chronicles with a bright spot in the reforms of Josiah, followed by the downfall of Judah and the Babylonian captivity. In the New Testament we reach the center of Christ’s…

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June 10

Pastor's Note We encounter lots of drama today in our Old Testament reading. In the New Testament we are reminded of our human weaknesses, fears, and God’s amazing grace to take flawed people like you, me, and Peter—and use us…

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June 9

Pastor's Note Today we encounter the words of Hezekiah directed at the Levites to “consecrate” themselves. What a great word. May we be “set apart” in our hearts and minds to carry out the work God has called us to…

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June 8

Pastor's Note The prosperous days of king Uzziah should highlight the built in perils of the “good times,” which often lull us into sinful complacency, pride, and compromise. May we be too focused on the advancement of the kingdom and…

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June 7

Pastor's Note Some great chapters in our Old Testament reading today. May we be encouraged to seek reform in our own lives and homes as we discover and rediscover the truths of God’s word. In the New Testament we read…

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