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January 29

Pastor's Note Today we review some of the most enduring and influential words that have ever been written. They were also the first words that God wrote to us. Recall that Moses, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, pens…

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January 28

Pastor's Note As we commence with the lingering theme of “grumbling” in our Old Testament reading, I trust that we will be challenged to replace our critical tendencies with thanksgiving. Even in “the wilderness”, when God isn’t granting us all…

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January 27

Pastor's Note May today’s reading remind us that we are not our own. May it prompt us to be thankful for the leadership and provision of God in our everyday lives. May it also cause us to remember the high…

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January 26

Pastor's Note Today we read of the dramatic and sobering first Passover. It is the archetype of Christ’s own sacrifice almost 1,500 years later, and should remind us that the central tenet of Christianity is serious and profound. How wrong…

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January 25

Pastor's Note Exodus continues the record of God’s stern treatment of Pharaoh’s nation. May we learn to be sensitive, as opposed to hardhearted, when we find ourselves on the wrong side of God’s will. Today in Matthew we read some…

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January 24

Pastor's Note How often we forget the way temporal disasters can yield eternal blessings. Terrible “plagues” can bring men and women to their knees to penitently consider sin, personal culpability, and the universal need for repentance. Obviously many don’t, but…

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January 23

Pastor's Note What a terrific reminder that God’s work can take place even through the most unlikely vessels. If God made us and graciously chooses to utilize us for his purpose, our job is to step up by faith, trusting…

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January 22

Pastor's Note As Exodus begins to unfold we see the birth of a deliverer who foreshadows the ultimate Deliverer – the one who frees us from the tyranny and consequences of sin. How grateful we can be for the extension…

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January 21

Pastor's Note So much of the fascinating richness of these prophetic words regarding the sons of Jacob is enhanced each time we read through the entire Bible, for each year we can appreciate more and more the unfolding of these…

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January 20

Pastor's Note I am praying that your time in God’s word today fuels your love for the Lord, and deepens your respect for his power. May you remember afresh what it means to worship God and live for Christ wherever…

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