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April 22

Pastor's Note We are reminded of God’s justice and his people’s vindication in today’s Old Testament reading. May we be assured that even when things on this earth seem unjust and chaotic, God is keeping track and will one day…

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April 21

Pastor's Note Today we read of the beginnings of David’s tumultuous transition to the throne. We see his sincere love and concern for the honor of Israel’s disgraced king and his family. May we learn to appropriately honor those in…

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April 20

Pastor's Note Today we read of Saul’s sad end. Saul’s miserable death is a poetic end to his reign of compromise and spiritual rebellion. We should be thankful for our coming King who will reign as a holy and perfect…

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April 19

Pastor's Note What stinging words from Christ today in Luke 17:1-2! How small our view of sin and temptation. Let us learn to take sin and temptation much more seriously than we do. May we ponder this powerful warning so…

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April 18

Pastor's Note What a dramatic story of Nabal, David, and Abigail. There’s so much to learn from this fascinating account. Not the least of which is to regularly relearn the lesson of Romans 12:17-21, especially when our flesh wants to…

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April 17

Pastor's Note Here in 1 Samuel 22 is the classic text that always reminds me of our coming vindication. It was this minority group—the outcasts of “Saul’s society” who lived in submission to the real king. While they were pushed…

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April 16

Pastor's Note The parable of the “Lost Son” cannot be divorced from the opening two parables in Luke 15. Notice that this triad of parables is instructive regarding conversion—“lost and found”; “dead and alive.” Let’s be careful to utilize the…

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April 15

Pastor's Note The classic story of young David standing before Goliath ought to be read slowly and carefully. Perhaps we will gain fresh insight on this familiar account. Consider the zeal of this small shepherd who feared only God. See…

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April 14

Pastor's Note Today we read the context for the classic principle that “to obey is better than sacrifice.” The “sacrifice”, in context, is nothing more than Saul’s pathetic excuse for why he was greedily disobedient to the Lord’s command. May…

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April 13

Pastor's Note In 1 Samuel 13 we read of Saul’s impatience and lack of trust as he foolishly assumes the responsibilities saved for the priest. Such a mix of the priestly office and the monarchy is unacceptable in anyone except…

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