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May 15

Pastor's Note  Today we read of Jehoash’s financially trustworthy and faithful renovations to Israel’s worship center. May God always supply his people the resources to make the worship of his Name glorious and excellent. Again we read that the kings…

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May 14

Pastor's Note In our Old Testament reading we are reminded that God’s justice may seem slow in coming, but eventually he settles the score. We also learn that any plans against God’s will are eventually thwarted, even when hope seems…

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May 13

Pastor's Note Today we read more about one of the three “seasons” of miraculous events (GT1’s as I like to call them; i.e., God’s breaking of natural law, as compared to God’s providential events). Just like in Moses & Joshua’s…

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May 12

Pastor's Note Today we read about the interesting healing of Naaman the Syrian. Here is a man who was initially unwilling to humbly “step down” to appropriate God’s fix for his physical problems. Let us learn from this that while…

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May 11

Pastor's Note In today’s reading, the forthright and bold ministry of Elijah comes to an end and the mantle is picked up by Elisha. May God provide many men and women in our generation who will care more about accuracy…

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May 10

Pastor's Note As we wrap up the book of 1 Kings may we learn to hate the greed and immaturity in our own lives, which we see displayed in Ahab’s. And I pray that the alliance of Ahab and Jehosophat…

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May 9

Pastor's Note We can sympathize with Elijah’s pain and despondency. But we should also learn from God’s concern to get him back on his feet and back in the battle. I pray that God continues to strengthen and encourage you…

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May 8

Pastor's Note Unlike the periodic kingly bright spots in the southern kingdom, the northern kings of Israel form a long parade of compromise, idolatry, and all-out rebellion against God’s revealed truth. Baasha, Elah, Zimri, Omri, and Ahab are just the…

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May 7

Pastor's Note Sobering words in 1 Kings 14 directed toward the sinfulness and rebellion of Jeroboam. Let us always take notice when God articulates his judgments on those who disregard the truth they know, and encourage others to do the…

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May 6

Pastor's Note We have to be careful from whom we get our counsel. What a classic example in 1 Kings 12 of the young king shopping for the advice he wanted to hear. May we embrace truth and wisdom from…

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