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August 7

Pastor's Note The ardent calls for God’s compassion and grace in Psalms 79 and 80 can be an important prompt for us to take our sins seriously. We praise God for his mercy and forgiveness, but we should never cheapen…

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August 6

Pastor's Note We receive a helpful biblical history lesson today in our reading of Psalm 78. In the New Testament we see a dramatic and frustrating depiction of the internal conflict that shows us the futility of attempting to please…

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August 5

Pastor's Note May our reading of today’s psalms, which remind us of God’s overarching management of all things, encourage us, assure us, and fuel our resolve to trust and follow his revealed will. That resolve is clearly seen in the…

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August 4

Pastor's Note Today we read one of my favorite psalms, Psalm 73, which depicts our chronic temptation to evaluate reality by the short-term gains people make in this life. May we, like Asaph, be attuned to the perspective-building experience of…

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August 3

Pastor's Note The heartfelt cries for God’s intervention in Psalms 70-72 can be a needed reminder for us to continue to look to God and to cry out for his deliverance when our troubles persist. May all of our temporal…

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August 2

Pastor's Note While today’s two psalms remind us of the reality of relative, or comparative righteous behavior, Romans 3 impresses on us the truth that when it comes to absolute righteousness, “there is none righteous, no, not one” (v.10). Let…

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August 1

Pastor's Note Our Old Testament reading begins with a simple but profound truth: “Praise is due to you, O God.” What a helpful adjustment to our thinking that our worship and praise is not an extracurricular activity. God requires praise,…

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July 31

Pastor's Note Today we read some very personal psalms of David that I pray will prompt us to pour out our hearts to God in prayer (and even with our written words). In our New Testament reading we commence with…

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July 30

Pastor's Note David gives us some transparent prayers for deliverance in Psalms 59, 60, & 61. Let us learn to trust God and face our challenges fearlessly, especially when it is our fidelity to God that has led to the…

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July 29

Pastor's Note What a great declaration in Psalm 56 of our need to trust God when circumstances tempt us to fear (compare v.3 and v.11). Let the praise of Psalm 57 and the sobriety of Psalm 58 be reflected in…

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