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July 28

Pastor's Note In Psalm 53 we read a set of sobering lyrics regarding the moral issues that drive bad theology (or no theology at all). May we see the world’s great need for Christ’s redemptive work through the words of…

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July 27

Pastor's Note What a relevant set of psalms we read today in our Old Testament reading. May our hearts be open to take in and ponder the eternal truths we encounter in this great triad of psalms. In the first…

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July 26

Pastor's Note Today we encounter two great psalms of triumphant praise, and a third psalm that can grant us perspective on the inequities we all observe in the present age. Acts 26 shows us Paul’s masterful defense before King Herod…

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July 25

Pastor's Note Again we can sympathize with the feelings of the psalmist in our Old Testament reading. Let us come through these kinds of tests with stronger faith, and confidence in the goodness of God and the wisdom of his…

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July 24

Pastor's Note David hurts over the attack on his reputation in Psalm 41. May we respond to the attacks on us with a resolve to seek God. Both Psalm 42 and 43 are very helpful in maintaining a proper perspective…

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July 23

Pastor's Note May the painful words of Psalm 38 be used by God’s Spirit to bring us perspective and comfort—knowing that difficult circumstances and even trying emotions are nothing foreign to the people of God through the centuries. May the…

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July 22

Pastor's Note Let today’s Old Testament reading be cause for your own resolve to trust God regardless of the world’s situation, or the problems that you may encounter from day to day. “Refrain from anger” and “fret not” (Ps.37:8) because…

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July 21

Pastor's Note Today we read some energizing lyrics in Psalm 34 and 35. May they be just the God-breathed words that you need today to seek to live with a purpose to bring honor and glory to your Creator and…

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July 20

Pastor's Note We encounter some tremendous psalms today in our Old Testament reading. May we be refreshed again by the amazing grace of God as we revisit Psalm 32 and consider the unthinkable act of a holy God forgiving sinful…

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July 19

Pastor's Note The foreboding words regarding Paul’s future are an apt complement to David’s words in Psalm 28, which tell us that God is our defense and the ultimate remedy for all the enemies and troubles we face. Let us…

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