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May 19

Pastor's Note Today we read one of my favorite scenes in 2 Kings, in which Josiah initiates major reforms by returning the people’s minds, attention, and allegiance to the word of God. Unfortunately, only two chapters later at the end…

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May 18

Pastor's Note Hezekiah makes a critical error in providing an ostentatious tour for the envoys of the up-and-coming world power from Babylon. Perhaps too much personal investment in his reputation and fame led to this foolish and fateful decision. After…

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May 17

Pastor's Note Today we see the commencement of Hezekiah’s reign as king over Judah, and his removal of idols—in particular the idol made of Moses’ bronze serpent, which was the tool of God’s dramatic deliverance in the desert. How unfortunate…

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May 16

Pastor's Note Reading quickly through the reigns of these various kings in our Old Testament text today should not prevent us from seeing the far-reaching effects that godly or wicked management of leaders has on an entire generation. May we…

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May 15

Pastor's Note  Today we read of Jehoash’s financially trustworthy and faithful renovations to Israel’s worship center. May God always supply his people the resources to make the worship of his Name glorious and excellent. Again we read that the kings…

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May 14

Pastor's Note In our Old Testament reading we are reminded that God’s justice may seem slow in coming, but eventually he settles the score. We also learn that any plans against God’s will are eventually thwarted, even when hope seems…

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May 13

Pastor's Note Today we read more about one of the three “seasons” of miraculous events (GT1’s as I like to call them; i.e., God’s breaking of natural law, as compared to God’s providential events). Just like in Moses & Joshua’s…

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May 12

Pastor's Note Today we read about the interesting healing of Naaman the Syrian. Here is a man who was initially unwilling to humbly “step down” to appropriate God’s fix for his physical problems. Let us learn from this that while…

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May 11

Pastor's Note In today’s reading, the forthright and bold ministry of Elijah comes to an end and the mantle is picked up by Elisha. May God provide many men and women in our generation who will care more about accuracy…

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May 10

Pastor's Note As we wrap up the book of 1 Kings may we learn to hate the greed and immaturity in our own lives, which we see displayed in Ahab’s. And I pray that the alliance of Ahab and Jehosophat…

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