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February 28

Pastor's Note Here in Numbers 21 is the source of Christ’s illustration to Nicodemus regarding the faith his crucifixion will call for – “as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must the Son of Man be lifted…

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February 27

Pastor's Note Today in Mark 7 we read some powerful words from Christ regarding the hypocrisy of drawing near to God with our words, customs, and traditions, while failing to draw near to him in the truthfulness of our spirit,…

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February 26

Pastor's Note The Bible has so much to say about the sin of rebellion and insubordination – which is not a popular topic for Christians in the twenty-first century church. May we be receptive to the repeated warnings in the…

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February 25

Pastor's Note This pivotal scene in Numbers 14 seals the future of an entire generation. As the writer of Hebrews exhorts us, let us learn from this dreadful decision of disregarding God’s promise and allowing the fear of man to…

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February 24

Pastor's Note May we be reminded of the offense of complaining as we identify with those in the desert in Numbers 11. And let us anticipate the victory we have over the grave as we read of Christ saying “Talitha…

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February 23

Pastor's Note Every time we revisit a record of the Passover celebration may we gratefully recall the work of Christ, who gave himself as our substitute so that we might be accepted before God and freed from the power and…

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February 22

Pastor's Note May our reading today in the Book of Numbers encourage us to be generous stewards of the material blessings God has mercifully entrusted to us. May we be reminded of the joy of giving, and of the powerful…

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February 21

Pastor's Note God shows his concern for restoration, restitution, marital fidelity, and expressions of devotion and commitment in today’s Old Testament reading. I am praying that our reading in the Gospel of Mark will remind us to be faithful and…

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February 20

Pastor's Note Even in the desert, the required work was not accomplished in a haphazard way. God is a God of order and not confusion. In Mark’s Gospel we see the unique hazard of the first-century audience of Christ—wrongly assigning…

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February 19

Pastor's Note Parts of the Book of Numbers may be a bit challenging to read, with all the seemingly endless lists of hard-to-pronounce names, but remember how important it was throughout the Bible to chronicle the lineage and heritage of…

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