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June 4

Pastor's Note Today we take in a few of the conflicts, victories, and reforms of some of Judah’s kings. Let us remember that what was recorded in the Old Testament narratives was “written for our instruction” (Rom.15:4; 1Cor.10:11), so that…

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June 3

Pastor's Note Sadly, in our reading of 2 Chronicles today, the kingdom of Israel is split in half. Note the folly of Rehoboam and the brief recounting of his life. Let us seek to carry out our daily responsibilities with…

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June 2

Pastor's Note More today on the celebrations of God’s grace and of his goodness to Solomon in the oversight of the people of God. Today in our New Testament reading we venture into the key events leading up to death…

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June 1

Pastor's Note Today we read of the temple and its dedication. The sermon and prayer of Solomon is significant and noteworthy. Read this section carefully and remember that this earthly building was only temporary and in many ways a symbolic…

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May 31

Pastor's Note Today we begin reading the book of 2 Chronicles, which covers five centuries from king Solomon, through the fall of Judah, to the decree of Cyrus the Persian to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem. May we remember that…

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May 30

Pastor's Note Today as we conclude our reading of 1 Chronicles we read David’s farewell address and see this godly man’s concerns and priorities. May his concern for building the temple, giving to it, and praying for it, motivate us…

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May 29

Pastor's Note The detailed organization of king David’s administration continues today in our Old Testament reading. I trust this will reinforce the biblical value of conscientious planning and labor. As Proverbs tells us: “The plans of the diligent lead surely…

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May 28

Pastor's Note In today’s reading king David concerns himself with the organization and commission of the Levitical priests. Though Israel had a distinctly theocratic structure, may we remember that any nation is exalted, honored, and favored by God—when that nation…

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May 27

Pastor's Note Today we read again of David’s sin in numbering the troops. May we learn to trust in God, not in our resources, education, background, or alliances. May we also learn from this reading, that even this failure of…

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May 26

Pastor's Note While the plans God has for us are often not what we would plan for ourselves, let us be satisfied with the truth that God knows best. Though David wasn’t the temple builder he wanted to be, he…

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