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August 27

Pastor's Note Today we read a great set of psalms that I trust will challenge and edify each of us. May God’s living and active word get down to the place of our thoughts and convictions. Much like Romans 14,…

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August 26

Pastor's Note Today we begin our reading with the powerful and eternally applicable words: “Blessed is everyone who fears the Lord, who walks in his ways!” What a travesty that so many wrongly attempt to use theology to deny the…

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August 25

Pastor's Note I pray that today’s psalms of hope, trust, and confidence are an encouragement to you. Let us rejoice in a God who cares, though he often makes us wait for relief. In 1 Corinthians 7 we see the…

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August 24

Pastor's Note Today we begin reading the “psalms of ascents,” which were likely the songs sung by Israel during their annual pilgrimages to Jerusalem. These obedient worshippers sacrificed a lot of time, money, and effort to do what God asked…

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August 23

Pastor's Note As we finish reading Psalm 119 today, we begin with the classic verse that God’s word is to be “a lamp to our feet and a light to our path.” May it be so today as we take…

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August 22

Pastor's Note The reason we read the Bible every day, study it regularly, memorize it, and come to church to hear it exposited is because it is the life-giving declaration of God to the human race. May our reading of…

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August 21

Pastor's Note Today we dig into the initial section of the longest chapter in the Bible—a song extolling the value and power of God’s written word. Don’t miss this important emphasis. For all the flack we Christians endure from those…

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August 20

Pastor's Note Today in Psalm 116 we see that we love God for many reasons, beyond the obvious and profound. Often our love for God is boosted and enhanced by the practical and specific things he providentially provides for us.…

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August 19

Pastor's Note Psalm 112 begins with a truth so often lost in today’s world of shallow theology and trite Christianity – namely, that God blesses those who fear him. May we disdain the sound-byte banter that condemns such common biblical…

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August 18

Pastor's Note In Psalm 109 we return to a common theme throughout the Psalms—the righteous calling out for justice in the face of inequities. The frequency of this theme should assure us that though “wrong” seems to win so often…

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