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Pastor John Fabarez - May 30, 2020

How Do You Read the Bible?

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Application Questions
  1. Read 1 Peter 4:13-16. Is all suffering the same? Think of the last time you went through something hard. Do you think that pain fell in the category of discipline, persecution, or a trial? Did you respond to the pain correctly?
  2. Read Romans 8:28-30. How is it possible for God to work all things together for good? What does good mean? What is God’s goal for each Christian? Why is this comforting to you?
  3. Read Philippians 3:12-15. Paul says that “mature” Christians recognize that they aren’t perfect yet. What are some areas of your life that are not perfect? What strategies does Paul give in these verses to be more perfect? How will you put these into practice?
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