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Welcome to Compass KIDS!



The philosophy of our Special Needs Ministry is broad and yet tailor made to the needs of your child and family. The ultimate goal for each ministry is to achieve maximum learning and spiritual development. Our goal is to provide a time that is educationally and socially enriching to your child. We desire to give your child and family the personal care and attention needed to make coming to church a joyful and beneficial experience. We seek to provide a support network for the parents as well.


A customized place for kids.

Compass Friends is a ministry to kids, up through sixth grade with special needs, who are better served in their own learning environment. Compass Friends provides a customized place for kids with more pronounced special needs to learn about God, the Bible and church as well as develop friendships with other peers and relationships with teachers. A Compass Friends Assessment form must be completed prior to placement in Compass Friends and is based on classroom openings.

Compass Friends Student Assessment Form
(Print, complete and submit form to KIDS Ministry c/o Susan Grover, [email protected])

Meet our Compass Friends Team


A one-on-one ministry for kids.

Buddy Up is for students up through sixth grade who are high functioning and do best main streamed in an existing classroom with their peers but need additional assistance in order to be successful in learning.

After a Buddy Up Assessment form is completed and reviewed, the Buddy Up ministry provides an adult “buddy” for a student with special needs.” This one-on-one relationship allows the classroom teacher to focus on the entire class while the “buddy” provides assistance to the child.  The ultimate goal is to achieve maximum learning and spiritual development through this arrangement.

Buddy Up Student Assessment Form
(Print, complete and submit form to KIDS Ministry c/o Susan Grover, [email protected])


If you are interested in serving in either of these ministries, please read and complete the documents found on the Compass KIDS Serve page.


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