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Pastor Mike Fabarez - October 3, 2019

Did Miracles in the Bible Really Happen? (Part 5)

Pastor Mike Fabarez continues the Compass Night series on Apologetics by answering the question, "Did Miracles in the Bible Really Happen?"

From Series: "Apologetics"

In a culture that is increasingly hostile toward the true God and his authoritative word, Christians, now more than ever, need to be ready to stand up for the truth in a strong, intelligent, and diplomatic way. At this year’s Compass Night Pastor Mike will equip us to make a defense in the face of today’s unfounded attacks against Christianity and the Bible. Don’t miss this important time of study as we gather each Thursday night to prepare ourselves with questions like: • If God is so good why is there evil in the world? • Isn’t the Christian view of marriage just bigotry? • How can we even know there’s a God? • Wasn’t Jesus only a good, moral teacher? • How can you trust the Bible when it has changed so much? • Aren’t most religions the same anyway? • How can it be that miracles have happened? • Didn’t the Roman Emperor Constantine choose the Gospels? • Doesn’t science disprove the Genesis account of creation?


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