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  • Praise God for constantly reminding us of His faithfulness to His word and allowing us to serve in a church where that is constantly seen in various ways.
  • Praise God for allowing the work to be completed on our flat and for allowing us to now be settled in and able to focus more on ministry and family.

Prayer requests:

  • Pray for GraceLife London’s Christmas evangelism.
    • Pray that many from the surrounding neighborhood will come to our Christmas celebration on December 15th and also
    • for the many Gospel conversations that will take place around this time.
  • Pray for the various fellowship groups around London from GLL as they are being shaped for greater fellowship and the building up of those who attend.
  • Pray for the finances for us to do the renovations on church building as the need is growing as more families come and children are added to our children’s ministry.
  • Pray for the LORD to raise up leaders from within the congregation and for the pastors’ efforts in equipping them for the work.
  • Pray for continual faithfulness in ministry.
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