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High School Ministry:

True North

Small Groups


Our weekly service & small groups are meeting on Tuesday nights outside on the Compass Bible Church campus from 6-9pm. We have dinner, worship, sermon, and then students break off with their small group leaders! Dinner is served at 6pm with worship & preaching beginning at 6:40pm.

Small Group Application Questions

Oct. 21, 2020
Getting To Know You Questions:
1.Your smart friend Nickolas Daneyal (foreign-exchange student) loves to challenge your faith. He’s reading David Hume lately and says, “I’m having trouble understanding how Christians can believe in their God when you have such air-tight arguments as this:

a) If God is all-good, he would destroy evil.
b) If God is all-powerful, he could destroy evil.
c) But evil is not destroyed.
d) Therefore, there is no such God.

Craft a group response to Nick.

2. Watch this video. Why is the problem of evil not only a problem for Christians, and why is the Christian response so much more satisfying than how the world answers it?

3. Read Job 1:12, 15, 17, 19. According to these verses, who or what was immediately responsible for Job’s loss? Read Job 1:21-22. According to Job, who or what was ultimately responsible for Job’s loss? Based on the way these passages talk about the evil and suffering of Job, how should we think about God’s involvement with evil in the world?

4. Read Jonah 1:14-15. Who threw Jonah overboard? Read Jonah 2:3. According to this passage, who threw Jonah overboard? Read 2 Sam. 24:1, 1 Chronicles 21:1, 2 Sam. 24:10-17. Who incited David to take a census? Read Isaiah 66:3-4 and then answer this question: Why would it be wrong to think that because God is sovereign, man is not really guilty for his sin?

5. A friend from school, Julie Korgan, went to your youth group and wondered out loud, “If God is sovereign over all of my choices, am I really truly free? What if God doesn’t want me to be a Christian? even though I want to be?” Counsel her from what you’ve learned and studied tonight.

6. Read Romans 8:28. Wha kind of “good” does God work out in the allowance of evil, and how should that comfort us when we’re suffering and experiencing evil?

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