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High School Ministry:

True North

Small Groups


Our weekly service & small groups are meeting on Wednesday nights outside on the Compass Bible Church campus from 6-9pm. We have dinner, worship, sermon, and then students break off with their small group leaders! Dinner is served at 6pm with worship & preaching beginning at 6:40pm.

Small Group Application Questions

Application Questions:
1. Read Colossians 3:8-11. Why was it significant that Paul focused specifically on lying in verse nine? What are some lies that are told on a daily basis that we don’t even think twice about?

2. Read Acts 5:1-11 and Exodus 1:15-22. It is evident that there is a cost that comes with lying, but also with upholding the truth. Identify the differences between these two passages. What are the moral implications of lying as the midwives did? Was it lying?

3. Read Proverbs 12:22 and Proverbs 14:5. What are some ways that liars are described in these passages and what do they teach us about lying? What are some of the effects of lies?

4. Read Ephesians 4:25. As believers, maintaining unity is key. Why is it crucial for you to strive for truth within the body of believers? How does this cause our relationships to function properly?

5. Read Colossians 3:9-17. How does the Gospel renew our thinking so that we can be truth-tellers and how can we carry out this mentality in all aspects of life? Please be specific and practical.

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Small Groups

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