Pastor Pete Lasutschinkow
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CLASS meets Sundays at 9am in 120 West.

What is CLASS?

CLASS stands for Compass Life Adult Sunday School. It's our weekly study for adults that dives deep into a historical or theological subject.

Most of the weekly studies are taught by Pastor Pete Lasutschinkow.

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The 400 Years Before Christ

Join us Sundays at 9am in 120 West as we take a look back at the 400 years before Christ. The Intertestamental Period examines this critical time, providing us with the context and clues of what is to come when Christ enters the world. There is much to learn over our 19-week study. Join us beginning Sunday, January 5th for breakfast, fellowship, worship and a time of teaching.

1. 400 Years Before Christ
2. Visions of the Empires
3. The Second Temple
4. Persian Empire
5. Flavius Josephus
6. Alexander the Great
7. Hellenism for the World
8. Synagogues and Religious Leaders
9. Ptolemies and Seleucids
10. The Apocrypha Part 1
11. The Apocrypha Part 2
12. Alexandria and the LXX
13. The Pseudepigrapha
14. The Maccabees Part 1
15. The Maccabees Part 2
16. Rome Comes to Palestine
17. Dead Sea Scrolls
18. Herod the Great’s Temple
19. New Testament Roots


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400 Years Before Christ