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You can have all the Compass messages you hear during weekend services, Bible Studies, even youth ministries delivered right to your computer or mobile device. It’s easy, and free! Just follow the instructions below to set up the podcasts, then they will be delivered to your device as soon as we have them ready to go. There’s nothing more you’ll need to do, expect listen.

Podcast Links

ON YOUR COMPUTER: Click a Link Below to Subscribe in iTunes. Once the page opens, click the button that says ‘VIEW IN iTUNES’, once iTunes opens with the Podcast, click the button that says ‘SUBSCRIBE’.

ON YOUR TABLET/MOBILE DEVICE: Click on a Link Below and hit the Subscribe link. Then you can download all past sermons or select the ones you want from ‘My Podcasts’ on your device.

If you have any problems subscribing our downloading, please email [email protected].

Once iTunes loads, you can download individual episodes or subscribe to have them automatically downloaded for you.

You can Download iTunes now if it’s not already installed on your computer. It’s a free download, and is available for both Mac and PC.

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