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One-On-One Discipleship

Partners at a Glance

  • A one-on-one discipleship program written by Pastor Mike Fabarez.
  • A Spiritual growth program designed for new or longtime believers who are serious about maturing in their faith.
  • A program which overviews the fundamental issues of the Christian faith.
  • Designed to help you learn how to live an effective, pleasing Christian life.
  • A ten chapter program which can be completed in 14 weeks.
  • A program which prepares you to teach what you have been taught.
  • Life changing!

The Partners Program exists to:

  • Help people enhance their walk with Jesus by learning how to live an effective and pleasing Christian life, and to put into practice what they are learning.
  • Build relationships.
  • Prepare each person to take another person through.
  • Make disciples of Jesus Christ.

What is Partners?

Partners is designed to get you personally connected on a weekly basis with a mature and growing Christian in order to help you advance in your understanding and application of ten biblical themes that are critically important in the Christian life.

Each chapter in the Partners Workbook becomes the basis for your weekly meetings with your chosen or assigned partner, who has already been through the program. The chapters will direct you to read sections of the Bible that relate to that week’s topic and you will be prompted to answer specific questions about the implications and application of those verses. Then, when meeting with your partner, you will discuss the truths you have studied, seek to sharpen your understanding and grow in your devotion to Jesus Christ.

After the experience of being led through the challenging chapters in the Partners Workbook, the real growing and gratifying experience begins as you allow yourself to be used by God to guide someone else through the same material.

Workbook Overview

10 Important Aspects of the Christian Life

  1. Being Sure About Your Relationship With God
  2. Deepening Your Knowledge of God
  3. Learning to Study the Bible On Your Own
  4. Developing an Effective Prayer Life
  5. Living a Life that is Led by the Holy Spirit
  6. The Importance of a Good Local Church
  7. Being Intentional about Biblical Fellowship
  8. Getting Actively Involved in Serving Your Church
  9. Sharing the Gospel with People Who Need It
  10. Striving to be Holy in an Unholy World

An Effective Tool

The dynamic of personally discussing and applying these biblical truths in a one-on-one setting maximizes the opportunity for spiritual growth and accountability. The material is highly adaptable to your current knowledge and experience in the Christian life. Whether you are a new Christian or have been walking with Christ for many years, you will discover that the Partner’s experience will help you advance to the next level of maturity in your relationship with God.

Partners and You

The context and setting of Partners is also used by God to forge new lasting Christian friendships. Focused times of biblical discussion, prayer and accountability prove to be mutually encouraging, supportive and edifying.

And as you are faithful to continue handing down this biblical content through the Partners Program, you will serve as an important link in the chain of Christian discipleship that was described by the Apostle Paul when he wrote:

“and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also” –2 Timothy 2:2

Ready to Start?

Partners Signup

When you are ready to start Partners, please sign up so that we can match you up with someone who has already gone through the program. Or, if you already have a Partner lined up to take you through, sign up so we can add you to any Partners events and track your progress through the program.

Sign Up

Printed Manual

If you have already signed up for the program and are ready to purchase a Partners Manual, you can order it online with the link below, or visit Compass Books.

Purchase Manual

Online Version

With this version of Partners, you get full access to all the online Partners manual content from any computer just by logging into your account. All corresponding verses for each chapter are laid out in a separate pane for easy reference. And an English Standard Version (ESV) Bible is built right into the site to conveniently look up verses as well.

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Partners Stories

What people are saying about partners…

I would say that Partners is awesome, I learned and relearned a lot of valuable Biblical principles. I thoroughly enjoyed having the insight from a Godly Man.

I had a great time working with Phil in the Partners program. I have learned so much during that time and have grown tremendously as a Christian as a result. I feel that I have the tools I need to go forward in my journey.

I wanted to let you know what a great experience it was to have Doug as my partner in the Partner’s program. I can’t imagine a more knowledgeable, more patient, more compatible partner! I’d be happy to take someone through the program.

Thank you, The Partners was a great investment of time, and more so, how God put Jimmy as my partner. I am excited to partner with someone myself.

I really enjoyed Partners and could not have had a better example of a leader. Shawna was awesome!!!!!!! I learned so much and grew in many ways, even though I have been a believer for over twenty years. It got me to really think about my faith and I can’t wait to take somebody else through it.

I am so glad I completed Partners. Initially I was reluctant not understanding that it was for all Christians despite how much experience one has. I thought it was for beginners. But my Bible study leader encouraged me to participate and I am so grateful for that now. Toby was an ideal partner for me. She was well-informed and was always able to answer my questions or lead me in a direction where I can find answers for myself. She was patient with me and flexible with the times we met. The program itself was an eye-opener. I feel it gave me more confidence to be able to share Christianity with those around me.

I found excitement and relevancy in every aspect of the program. The chapters, the memory verses, the deeper studies, etc…I am eager to share this program with another. Chapter 9 was especially valuable to me.

Partners was the best thing I have ever done in my entire life- I became a Christian! I was deceived about being a Christian, and the first chapter in Partners revealed to me that I wasn’t. Jane was the perfect Partner for me. I know God hand-picked her to lead me to Him, and I learned so much from her wisdom.

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