Partners at a Glance

  • A one-on-one discipleship program written by Pastor Mike Fabarez.
  • A Spiritual growth program designed for new or longtime believers who are serious about maturing in their faith.
  • A program which overviews the fundamental issues of the Christian faith.
  • Designed to help you learn how to live an effective, pleasing Christian life.
  • A ten chapter program which can be completed in 14 weeks.
  • A program which prepares you to teach what you have been taught.
  • Life changing!

The Partners Program exists to:

  • Help people enhance their walk with Jesus by learning how to live an effective and pleasing Christian life, and to put into practice what they are learning.
  • Build relationships.
  • Prepare each person to take another person through.
  • Make disciples of Jesus Christ.



If you are a Partners Graduate who has not recently led someone through the program, please join us on Sunday, Nov. 16th at 9:00am for a special leaders training. Pastor Lucas will be sharing helpful tips and advice on taking someone through. Breakfast will be served. Please rsvp to partners@cbcav.org.

Sunday, November 16th at 9:00am
120 East
Breakfast provided

The Importance of One-on-One Discipleship