Highly Committed Participants

Compass Distinctive #6

In a day when most people look for a "good church" the way they look for a "good restaurant", i.e., "I want good food, good service, and comfortable atmosphere and a low price!" - we, at Compass Bible Church want to abandon all of that for a biblical model of personal integration and ministry participation. It is our goal to move from a "consumer mentality" to the value of "highly committed participants". While it is critically important for church leaders to "feed us" solid biblical meals, it is equally important that a healthy church body be "held together by every supporting ligament, growing and building itself up in love, as each part does its work!"
(Eph 4:16).

CBC'rs can't come to spectate, we must seek to fully participate. We cannot be satisfied with merely attending to ingest a weekly spiritual meal, we must understand our biblical privilege and obligation to utilize our gifts and spiritual endowments to serve the body of Christ as good stewards of all that God has invested in us. Let's join together to help make Compass Bible Church a vibrant church filled with highly committed participants and SOLD-OUT SERVANTS.