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Gospel Advance | Pastor Mike’s Acts 8 Sermon Series

Christ has promised to utilize us to take his life-changing message to the world. This calling may be costly, but it is our highest privilege. Join us  for this study of Acts 8, as Pastor Mike walks us verse-by-verse through this pivotal period of time in the life of the early church as the gospel advances through the region of Samaria and beyond. 

  • Motivated by the Martyrs  (vv.1-4) | April 10-11, 2021
  • Grateful for Secondary Benefits  (vv.5-8) | April 24-25
  • Calling People to Repentance  (vv.9-13) | May 1-2
  • The Promise of the Holy Spirit  (vv.14-17) | May 8-9
  • The Challenges of Discipleship  (vv.18-24) | May 15-16
  • Showing Up for Divine Appointments  (vv.25-29) | May 25-26
  • Knowing How the Scriptures Use Us  (vv.30-35) | May 29-30
  • Courage to Be Identified with Christ   (vv.36-40) | June 5-6