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Learning to Lead | Acts 20:17-38
Every growing Christian naturally wants to be utilized by God to lead those around him or her to become better followers of Christ. In Acts 20:17-38 Paul recounts the patterns of his years of investing in the Christians of Ephesus as a template for the leaders who were going to be fostering the spiritual growth of those in this young church. Join us for this six-part study starting July 8-9, 2023 from Pastor Mike Fabarez, which will help equip you to do the same.
Learning to Lead: Utilized by God to Make a Difference in Lives
• Caring about What Matters Most (vv.17-21)
• Caring Less about Your Own Comfort (vv.22-24)
• Motivated by the Finish Line (vv.25-27)
• Always on Guard (vv.28-32)
• Policing Your Motives (vv.33-35)
• More than a Task (vv.36-38)