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Stephanie Schwartz - September 23, 2015

Called To Be Different

1 Corinthians: Living for Christ In a World That Isn\'t (2015-2016)

1Corinthians 1:1-3

From Series: "1 Corinthians: Living for Christ In a World That Isn't (2015-2016)"

The ancient city of Corinth was the place to be in the first century. People from all walks of life were able to access just about everything imaginable in this bustling town. But Corinth had a dark side and was known as the “sin city” of her day, where many degraded themselves with the immoral excesses offered. Nevertheless, God reached into this depraved region and called out a group of people to be made righteous through faith in his Son, Jesus. But how would the young church survive in this corrupt environment? Where should they break ties with the culture in Corinth, and what new practices must they embrace as people living for the glory of God? From attitude adjustments and spiritual gifts to sexual behavior, this book is loaded with practical advice on topics relevant to God’s people throughout all times.

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