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Centers for Apologetic Research

Equipping God’s people across borders and cultures for discernment, the defense of the faith and cult evangelism.


East Africa
Latin America
Eastern Europe
Former Soviet Union

Ministry Focus

Christians across the developing and post-communist world are being targeted by cults and assorted false teachers who seek to distort the Gospel, deceive the saints and destroy their faith.
With teams on five continents, CFAR works to equip pastors and individual believers with the tools and training they need to biblically discern truth from error, defend the Gospel, and evangelize those held captive by spiritual counterfeits.

Prayer Requests

  1. That God will expand CFAR’s training reach in East Africa
  2. That God will guide CFAR’s growing work in Central Asia
  3. That God will mature and sustain CFAR’s outreach in eastern Europe
  4. That God will bring more workers to CFAR in Latin America

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