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Far East Broadcasting Company


FEBC leadership around the world are passionate about reaching people with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. Whether in the office, on the mission field, or in the boardroom, these dedicated servants are committed to the work of the gospel.

Ministry Focus

FEBC is an interdenominational ministry whose sole purpose is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world through radio, the internet, and emerging technologies.

Prayer Requests

  1. Please pray for FEBC’s Directors, Boards, and staff serving around the globe for God’s direction in His Harvest Field.
  2. Please pray for many new FM stations and social media platforms that from them the Gospel will ring out and that millions would respond in repentance and faith in Christ.
  3. Please pray for safety and wisdom as many FEBC staff serve in places where not only the virus locks them down but deal with oppressive governments and intolerant religious factions.
  4. Please pray for all of those unreached peoples, that their hearts will be opened so that when they for the first time hear the Gospel in their own language they will come to faith.

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