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Paul’s Obedience (Acts 20-23) | Kids Lesson

Meet Dr. Popsicle, who is teaching us how to make instant ice cream! But while Dr. Popsicle is an expert scientist and chef and knows the exact formula to create a tasty treat, Brandon chooses not to follow directions and the results are, well, you’ll see…

This lesson helps us to understand Paul’s obedience to God in Acts 20-23. Just like Paul, we don’t always know what is best. But you know who does? Jesus! And we need to be obedient to him.

This week’s episode also includes Miss Scarlett teaching Miss Maddie the motions to the worship song, We Trust. You’ll also see Nathan and Brandon making paper airplanes — something all kids are invited to participate in and send in videos of their planes flying!

This week’s Bible lesson: Acts 20-23
August memory verse: Ephesians 2:8-9

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